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Unico Hair

Unico Hair has an eighties-style logo with vibrant colours which do not connect with the lifestyle of its new target audience, more sophisticated and elegant. It needs rebranding in order to be on top of new trends and achieve its desired positioning in the market.

Unico Hair is located in Fitzroy, one of the coolest and alternative suburbs in Melbourne. This neighbourhood has taken longer to adapt to new trends, maintaining a kind of nostalgia for the past and the '80s vibe. In turn, Melbourne has been one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in Australia for a few years now, which is a new opportunity to acquire new customers with greater purchasing power.


Among the competitors, we find some companies that, like Unico Hair, are still linked to past aesthetics, and some others that have already begun the transition into new trends.

This rebranding aims to turn Unico Hair into an elegant and up-to-date hairdressing salon, without clashing with its context of evolution.

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