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Hi there!


I am a graphic designer with a background in advertising, PR and Marketing, focused on branding and rebranding, also specializing in web and mobile design.

I studied a double Bachelor's Degree in advertising, PR and Marketing at the university ESIC Business and Marketing School (Madrid, Spain). Then I worked for three and a half years in the communication department of Cepsa, where I led creative agencies in projects of the loyalty program, automotive, and partner business relationships. I also managed the communication of Cepsa's commercial website and mobile application.

My passion for graphic design and creativity drove me to leave my indefinite contract at Cepsa and go to Australia, where I studied for a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and visual communication at SAE Institute Melbourne.

My next milestone takes me to Parsons, The New School, where I will study for a Masters Degree in Communication Design, specialising in web and mobile design.

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